Gaurav Kapur talks about ‘India Plays’

By Author  |  Published: 12th Oct 2018  4:20 pm
Gaurav Kapur

Actor and television presenter Gaurav Kapur has announced ‘India Plays’, a show which will bring forth real-life stories from the field of sports. The show will go live on October 15 on YouTube channel Oaktree Sports. Earlier, the channel was called Breakfast with Champions.

“India Plays is a passion project for me. We complain about lack of fandom for multiple sports, but fans come when they have context. And context comes with stories,” says Gaurav.

“We decided to turn the dial back and tell the stories. Stories of unsung heroes, upcoming champions and people who are doing extraordinary things in and around Indian sports,” he adds.

Gaurav says the team at Oaktree Sports has researched for almost 18 months to find incredible stories for the show. “People who make no fuss, no excuses, just go out and play. And we are so excited to bring these stories in bite-sized episodes to our viewers,” quips Gaurav.

It will be a weekly show, with a new episode every Monday.