Gayatri: Full meal for Mohan Babu fans

Film: Gayatri Director: Madhan Cast: Mohan Babu, Shriya Saran, Manchu Vishnu, Nikhila Vimal, Anasuya Bharadwaj, Prithvi

By Author  |  Published: 9th Feb 2018  10:07 pmUpdated: 9th Feb 2018  11:14 pm

Extraordinary. Exaggerated. What a movie!! A full-throated Mohan Babu who backs a script that virtually worships him. It is doggedly committed to telling the viewer the many virtues of the star (that is if he has a poor memory or a weak heart and wants to find out).
Here is a storehouse of excellence in all its magnificence. A human packet that leaves you gasping for breath and leaves you wondering if such intensity and versatility commitment is for real.

Big B announces elsewhere that while the USA has Batman and Spider Man, India has Pad Man. He forgot to add that we have The Man or simply stayed away from stating the obvious. Every facet is screaming for attention here. The heart of gold, the love for children, the toned muscle, the great sense of dance, a heady mix of the street smart and the philosophical. How can one person address all this? Mohan Babu dares. He takes on more characters than colours in a kaleidoscope.

It leaves the audience with only one question: was he born to the film or was the script sculpted for him? Or is it just that the audience was destined!! Matching Mohan Babu’s compulsive presence is the background score that is a full blast and leaves you in exhausted awe. Just as intense and committed.

Since child is the father of man though here Dad (Mohan Babu) is in search of his daughter Gayatri (Nikhila Vimal), we have the chip of the old block, we have Mohan Babu playing Dad Sivaji in his younger days romancing with Sharada (Shreya). In case I am missing a step or two, blame it on the goings-on. It is so mindboggling that you get swept away. To recall in sequence a tornado is not easy. Not for the weak hearted. Now, let’s get the tale in place: Dad Sivaji makes money by lending his talent as an actor and going to jail for convicts and accused. While on one such trip he loses his pregnant wife Sharada to cancer while in labour. Daughter is saved from being sold for liquor and told that her alcoholic dad was willing to sell her for a bottle.

Daughter Gayatri is now a doctor — actually a mobile good samaritan cum ambulance in one. She is also the lone eyewitness to a murder based on which bad look-alike of Dad Gayatri Patel (Mohan Babu again – to mirror how brilliant he can be in good and bad roles!!). Now, the two look-alikes are at two ends of the pendulum and how good wins over evil is what remains.

The script is totally dedicated to the aura of the star. If you have the privilege of being in his fan club and willing to own it up in public, Gayatri is for you. For the rest may a good afternoon siesta over the weekend is an alternative.