Gear up for Augmented Reality Tees

By Author  |  Published: 24th Mar 2019  6:34 pm

Roadster has announced the launch of ‘Augmented Reality Tees (AR Tees)’ or talking tees. The new range has been developed in-house by Myntra’s own Innovation Labs and is set to take the level of innovation in fashion to the next level.

Although talking tees appear as normal graphic tees, they have a readable AR code that the Myntra app can read and bring the graphic to life. Viewers get a taste of the concept through sounds and visuals of being on the road, with each graphic design bringing to life, the brand’s philosophy of hitting the road and creating experiences through a simple shake of the phone, or by aiming the device at the AR reader on the shirt.

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From an experienced wanderer, to a soulful camper, the limited edition collectible is for everyone who loves their tech-grease, for those who love to stay in trend and certainly for all those who like to hit the road. The tees are cotton, with six different AR stories to collect with each design, priced at Rs 999. The AR experience is only available on Android.