George Reddy – Osmania University’s own Che Guevara

By Author  |  Published: 9th Oct 2019  6:00 pmUpdated: 10th Oct 2019  10:47 pm
Actor Sandeep Madhav in film 'George Reddy'

The official trailer of Telugu film George Reddy – A man of action, a biopic based on the life and struggles of the slain Osmania University student leader George Reddy, released on Monday.

The trailer opens with the message: “Poor staying poor and rich becoming richer”. The film is being directed by Jeevan Reddy and Sandeep Madhav, who earlier acted in the lead role of Vangaveeti, has played George Reddy.

Who Is George Reddy? 

George Reddy was born on 16 January 1947 in Palakkad, Kerala. He was a research student in Physics at Osmania University, Hyderabad. Famously known as “Hyderabad’s Che Guevara”, he was one of the most powerful student leaders in then Andhra Pradesh politics.

Due to his father Raghunath Reddy’s line of employment, George traveled and studied at Kollam in Kerala, Chennai, Warangal, and finally ended up in Hyderabad. During his time at Osmania University, George set up the Progressive and Democratic Students Union, a student body on the campus.

Progressive and Democratic Students Union, currently one of the leading students union in Hyderabad, aims to free India from the hands of Imperialism, Feudalism, and their servitors.

George’s Exceptional Intelligence 

George Reddy (Source: Times of India)

In the early ’70s, when the engineering field was going strong, George served as a guiding light for many engineers. He also studied History, Literature, Philosophy, and International Affairs to a detailed degree.

Known for his opposition to social discrimination and inequality, George drew profound inspiration from the Black Panthers movement in the United States that aimed for racial pride, independence, and equality for all people of Black and African descent.  Also, he was inspired by the struggle of Vietnamese people against US imperialism and the peasant revolts in  Naxalbari, a village in West Bengal, and Srikakulam.

George was perpetually held in high regard by his fellow students for his social appreciation and his strive to terminate politically powered brute and government servants. For professors, it was a bit difficult task to answer his complex questions.

His acclaimed slogan: “Jeena Hai tho marnaseekho, Kadam Kadam par ladnaseekho” (Learn to die if you wish to live, learn to fight at every step) used to be on everyone’s lips in the university. George’s admirers and professors believed that his high standard of researches in Theoretical Physics will certainly make him win Noble Prize one day.

George’s Brutal Death

George’s deaf to threats nature vexed his oppositions and goons who believed he was a peril to their commercial activity.

In February 1972, George was first attacked by goons near his house in DD Colony. However, at that time he fought back and got back with minor injuries. Consequently, people requested him to take safety measures and not to move alone to avoid further attacks. But allegedly he used to say death would not come to him so early.

On April 14 of 1972,  George was brutally murdered by his opposition at University’s Engineering College hostel-1 when the Osmania Engineering College election campaign was taking place gravely.

Biopics of George Reddy

The life story of the late founder of Progressive and Democratic Students Union caught the attention of a good deal of filmmakers. In the year 2012, as a mark of George’s fortieth death anniversary, a documentary titled ‘Crisis on the Campus’ was premiered and also a book titled  ‘Reminiscences of George Reddy’ was launched.

Check out the trailer