GES bridges gender divide: US

By   |   Business Bureau  |  Published: 30th Nov 2017  5:16 pmUpdated: 30th Nov 2017  7:58 pm

Hyderabad: The current edition of Global Entrepreneurship Summit co-hosted by India and the US has brought together 1,500 entrepreneurs, investors and supporters of entrepreneurs from across 150 countries to India. The event reflects the strong entrepreneurial achievements so far and its potential to achieve further in future as a strategic partner to the US. While efforts and platforms are lined up to support women entrepreneurs in India, the USAID at the GES unveiled it plans to support women initiatives in India.

Despite progress the women entrepreneurs have made, limited access to technology and opportunities prevent them from achieving full potential. To bridge the gender digital divide, USAID has announced several efforts including Women Connect Challenge with a $2 million commitment from Feed the Future competition designed to boost and mentor entrepreneurs by focusing on digital technologies.

In addition to this, USAID is rolling out a $1 million initiative to bring greater awareness to tuberculosis (TB) and deal with stigma, in line with the goal of securing a TB-free India by 2025.

USAID has so far invested $140 million in India in combating TB since 1998, Mark Green, administrator, US Agency for International Development, said while sharing the outcomes at the GES from the US point of view, in Hyderabad on Thursday.

USAID has also launched its first health-impact bond, valued at $2.25 million, the Rajasthan Development Impact Bond. Through this public-private partnership, efforts will be made to improve the healthcare services in private healthcare facilities in the State. The contribution from USAID will be in the form of life saving supplies and trained staff besides saving 10,000 women and newborns over the coming five years.

Green added, the US is constantly making efforts to ensure that its partner nations become self-reliant so that dependency on the US is reduced or done away. “We have a strong partner in India and the ties between the US and India are further going to help the region and the world,” he said.

Katherine Hadda, consul general, US Consulate Hyderabad, said that women entrepreneurs have been benefited by the GES held in Hyderabad, a city that has significant presence of the US companies and institutions that have collaborations with the US organisations and varsities.

Sharing the accomplishments at the GES, Jennifer Arangio, senior director, International Organizations & Alliances at National Security Council, said, with 52.5 per cent participation of women in this GES, several initiatives and programmes had been launched by the entrepreneurs representing profit and non-profit organisations. Entrepreneurs from India, US and from across the world should network together post GES.