Get better results by staying united

By   |  Published: 3rd Jun 2017  11:00 pmUpdated: 4th Jun 2017  12:17 am
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Team dynamics play an important role when people are working as a team, and it becomes mandatory to get along well with each other. Remember, it is the collective effort that brings out the best results.

A positive team is the key factor for many things. If there is even one person, who does not get along with someone else on the team, it affects the productivity. And a team leader should be the one to smoothen out things among the team. A successful relation between team members helps the team go beyond the four walls. And this is how you take your relationship with your team forward and beyond!

Mutual Respect

First and foremost, it is essential to have mutual respect for each other. One should learn to respect each other’s ideas. Suneeta Kanga, an etiquette expert, says that one should always listen to each other patiently. She mentions that sharing information will help build a good rapport. “Always be the first to discuss openly what you are thinking, as it won’t be appropriate if they know it from someone else,” she adds.

Be Polite

One should always be polite to each other. While being too polite is also not good, being rude is not acceptable. Suneeta says that there are certain things that one should follow to be courteous with others. “Say a thank you or sorry whenever required, opening and closing doors and offering help in the kitchenette can bring about a positive environment,” says Suneeta. She also shares that it is good to give each other some space as that will help the relationship grow.

Encourage Creativity

Suneeta shares that every team member should be encouraged to put forth his/her ideas. This way, she says, everyone will get a chance to express what s/he wants to. “It will help in bringing out the best creative talents,” she adds. Suneeta also recommends that young talent should be encouraged to discuss what/how they feel.