Getting license in Hyderabad will now be hassle-free

RTA has commenced works for a new testing track at Bandlaguda and it will be completed in a year.

By Author  |  Published: 25th Sep 2017  12:00 amUpdated: 26th Sep 2017  4:59 pm
File Photo: RTA Driving track at Kondapur.
File Photo: RTA Driving track at Kondapur.

Hyderabad: Getting a driving license or learner’s license could soon become easier and faster in the city, with the Regional Transport Authority preparing a sixth automated driving test track at Bandlaguda.

The track, on which work is progressing is a two-and-a-half acre plot of the Bandlaguda RTA office, is being established after the existing five tracks at Nagole, Uppal, Medchal, Kondapur and Ibrahimpatnam, found it tough to quickly process the increasing number of applications. This too, after the Ibrahimpatnam track was established in April.

The department, according to officials, receives about 600 new applications for learning licenses while there are over 300 applications for driving licenses every day in the city, with the number of applications increasing by the day.

There are 12 RTA offices in Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) limits. However, with only five of these offices having testing tracks, people were being made to wait for long even after paying for the service and booking their slots.

Many applicants complain that they were forced to wait for two to three weeks to undergo the driving test. Earlier, the delay in booking the slot had even resulted in learner’s license holders losing the validity of the document. With the Bandlaguda track to come up soon, officials hope affairs will become smoother and hassle-free.

“As the demand for driving license is increasing day by day, RTA has commenced works for a new testing track at Bandlaguda RTA office and it will be completed in a year,” said Panduranag Naik, Joint Transport Commissioner, Hyderabad, adding that the new driving test track would ensure that the heavy rush was reduced at the other five driving tracks.

The Bandlaguda track will have sensors installed to minimise manual checking to a great extent. The sensors, according to officials, would be installed beneath the driving track and signals would be fixed to the applicant’s vehicle. When the applicant deviates from the standard path, sensors emit signals and the reader captures them.

What is an automated driving test track?

An automated track will be fitted with sensors and closed-circuit television cameras that will eliminate the existing process of visual monitoring by Transport officials before granting a driving license.

The new system will also generate computerised test results with details such as time taken to complete the test, number of sensors touched and the applicant’s total score.

The result will also reflect whether the applicant has passed the test. The automatic system will not only check the applicant’s driving skill but also ensure transparency while issuing licenses.

  • Total number of vehicles in the city: More than 30 lakh
  • Two wheelers: 20 lakh
  • Cars: 3 lakh
  • Bus (Pvt and govt): 3 lakh
  • Truck: 1.5 lakh
  • Taxi: 1.5 lakh
  • Autorickshaw: 1 lakh
  • Number of vehicles registered this year in the city: Over 2 lakh
  • Test tracks in GHMC limits: Nagole, Uppal, Medchal, Kondapur, Ibrahimpatnam and Bandlaguda (in progress)
  • New vehicles added every day in city: More than 800
  • Department receives 600 applications daily for learning license in city
  • Over 300 applications for driving license in the city