GHMC asks HCA to return 11 clubs

By Author  |  Published: 17th May 2018  12:26 am

Hyderabad: Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation Enforcement, Vigilance and Disaster Management (EVDM) Director Viswajit Kampati sent a letter to Hyderabad Cricket Association (HCA) secretary demanding the return of the GHMC teams that were illegally transferred from the then MCH.

The letter stated the 11 teams – Ameerpet, Amberpet, Gowlipura, Lal Bahadur Playground, Mayors, Victory Playground, Sultan Sahi, Jawahar Nagar, Lingampally Playground, Marredpally PG and Shamnagar were illegally and unlawfully transferred.

The GHMC EVDM cell wanted the details of the clubs (secretary and president) and under whose tenure the above teams were illegally transferred. The EVDM also demanded the details of financial support or grant the clubs received from HCA for the past ten years.

According to the letter, the GHMC is paying annual affiliation fees for three teams only – GHMC Employees Cricket Team, GHMC Red Hills Cricket Team and GHMC Saleem Nagar Cricket Team.

This latest letter is another twist in HCA affairs.

PR Man Singh, former secretary of HCA, said it is an interesting development. “It will be difficult to locate the owners of club as it might have changed names ever since these clubs were used as vote banks in the HCA elections. Most of the club owners also benefited in the HCA development funds.’’

Tracing the history, Man Singh said these clubs were created in the mid-sixties, when the then Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad took a scheme in promoting sports. With that in mind they had certain playgrounds like VPG, Red Hills. Some of the private clubs approached for help and they gave assistance like Cheerful Chums, Hyderabad Union, Shamnagar CC and others.

According to Man Singh, about 20 clubs were under GHMC who played cricket leagues. The MCH used to pay one cheque on behalf of these clubs to HCA.

However, in 1993, in a bid to build vote bank, the MCH director late L Venkatram Reddy gave affiliation to these clubs and it finally led to formation of different clubs.