Gift your boss like a boss

They are economical and unique no personality and gender bar.

By Author   |   Published: 28th Dec 2016   9:24 pm

Not everybody has a boss who wears the invisible horns. Are you one among those who favours their boss? If you want to shower them with appreciation by gifting them without crossing the line, here’s what you can give.

Flower pot
Instead of the regular bouquet, pick a live flower with pot. They are not only economical but are eco-friendly and live longer. This can be gifted regardless of their gender.

Healthy snacks: This could be a fine idea to gift your boss. Who doesn’t love snacks! But, it’s the unhealthy ingredients that force many to stay away from them. Look up for sites that offer sugar-free and added flavour snacks. Have them packed straight away to gift your mentor.

Eye glass holder

A major inconvenience people who wear glasses face is to find a safe place to keep them. Make your boss’s life a little easier, and also save yourself from their tantrums when they can’t find their spects, by gifting them a holder.

Luxury pen

Depending on your budget, look out for a pen, preferably with a case to gift your boss. It might be small in size but this gesture will be thoughtful and well received. You can also go for engraved pens to make it more personal.

Scented candles

If they have a fragrance they like that you know of, then go for it. If not, pick what you think is best. Work is stressful and scented candles are a good way to relax, they have certain benefits like – nourishing the environment, bring back good memories, help you to focus and automatically enhance your mood.