Go trendy with some unisex apparel

Try something new while shopping this time, instead of sticking to 'men' and 'women' sections

By Author  |  Published: 2nd Jan 2018  11:10 pmUpdated: 2nd Jan 2018  7:35 pm
unisex apparel

There is nothing like ‘done’ or ‘complete’ when it comes to shopping — the whole world is yours, provided you have enough money, time and patience. If you do not wish to limit your wardrobe to only a few options, unisex is one section in malls you should never be reluctant about visiting. And, the suggestion is for both men and women to give it a thought especially while buying these three particular products:

Pair the coolest

A lot of young girls love to explore men’s section, especially for shirts and tees. As men’s section has more (and better) options in shirts and tees, girls always find it cool to pair a loose tee or a shirt with denim. But, some girls do not like the idea of shopping from men’s section, mostly because of the size issue and also because they feel men’s shirts give them too much of a boyish look. So, for such people, unisex is the best option, where you can find proper size and patterns suitable for both the genders.

Walk and run in style

Girls, do you often feel bored of seeing feminine and similar kinds of designs every time you visit a store and return home disappointed? Start searching something at the unisex section that is cool and classy to match with your gym wear and denim. Similarly, for boys, if the heavy-duty collections in men’s section appear repetitive, you can also visit unisex section for a change. Be it for running, training or casuals, there is no dearth of options you ask for here.

For better time

Though there are plenty of options for men and women separately, the unisex collection is quite sporty. While you look for the right watch for yourself, you will come across many styles and materials of which chain and strap are the most-loved kinds. But, going for strap instead of a chain will make more sense, because most of the designs of watches that come in chains are either more feminine or more manly. So, opting for a strap in neutral colours will give it a unisex appeal.