Godman preaches spirituality through silence in Mancherial

The 74-year-old spiritual leader has been passionately spreading the teachings of Bhagavad Gita

By Author  |  Published: 17th Jun 2019  12:51 amUpdated: 16th Jun 2019  11:06 pm
Srihari Swamy

Mancherial: Interpersonal communication has undergone a sea change, with the advent of modern information and technologies. Video calls, instant-messaging, and texting are now means of conversing with someone.

But, a self-styled godman belonging to a remote village in Jannaram mandal is uses silence and signs to propagate spirituality. He writes on a slate if he wants to express something to his followers.

Meet Srihari Swamy, popularly known as ‘Mouna Swamy’, a 74-year-old spiritual leader of Rotiguda village. He has been observing silence for over four decades now.

He has been passionately spreading the teachings of Hindu religion’s holy book Bhagavad Gita. Besides, he has been performing various ‘yagams’ at installation of presiding deities in temples across Mancherial and neighbouring Karimnagar district.

“It all began on December 18, 1975. It is the decision of almighty. It used to be tough in the beginning. But it is easy now,” the godman wrote, citing the reason behind his unusual move. He wrote on his slate that he was able to perform the ‘yagams’ and installation of idols with the help of his disciples.

Srihari Swamy resides in an ‘ashram’ built near a stream, follows a simple vegetarian diet and survives mostly on liquids and fruits.The spiritual guru spends most of his time in solitude inside a room. He comes out and obliges devotees for a limited time during the day as scores of devotees from Peddapalli, Karimnagar and Jagitial, visit him every day. He suggests ways to overcome problems and clarifies doubts of his followers by writing on the slate.

He organises special programmes on ‘Gita Jayanathi’ and ‘Mukkoti Ekadashi’ festivals, in which his son Jalandar assists him. To his credit, the silent godman has organised over 15,000 ‘yagnams’ (rituals to mark inauguration of temples and other auspicious occasions) till 2018.