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Hyderabad's Jose Jacob (VU2JOS) secures 18th position in Top 10 DX of 2018 contest

By Author  |  Published: 26th Feb 2019  8:33 pm
Winning laurels

A city-based amateur radio operator, Jose Jacob got the rare distinction of securing 18th place in worldwide ranking in the Top 10 DX of 2018, a competition organised by Top DX Radio Club of Budapest in Hungary.

Jose Jacob (VU2JOS) also secured third place in Asia and second place from India in the same competition, which entails listening to stations broadcasting on High Frequency (HF) from farthest places while using lowest power on the radio set in December 2018. Two other Indians who were listed in the list of winners were Sekar PS (second in Asia, first in India) and M Sanil Deep (fourth in Asia and third in India).

The organising club, Top DX Radio Club (HA5TOP) recently sent a certificate and a T-shirt to Jose Jacob in recognition of his skills in listening to radio stations from Guam Island, Madagascar, South Africa, Swaziland, North Korea and South Korea, among other countries.

Jose Jacob used a Yaesu FT-757GX11 HF set from the National Institute of Amateur Radio (NIAR) office in Somajiguda to monitor the remote stations.

The contest involves listening to farthest stations with low power and submitting the station details to Top DX Radio Club. Those listening to high power station from far-off places would get less points while those listening to a lower power station from a far-off place would get more points.

Expressing happiness over receiving the award, he said, “There is a certain amount of skill and patience required to handle the radio and that gives me the passion to continue it. Unlike internet, radio sources have a sense of spontaneity to them, but, unfortunately, this field is deteriorating.”

“At the time of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi assassination, there were no televisions in our village, which is located 30 kms north of Kochi. We used to depend on radios.

And on that particular day of assassination, no radio was giving correct information about the assassination. Then, I had used my radio to get the correct information and spread it across the village, facilitating them with the correct news,” recalls Jose Jacob.