Good old college days

By Author  |  Published: 20th Apr 2017  12:46 am
Osmania University

Hyderabad: More than a quarter century after he completed his postgraduation from Osmania University, what Syed Omar Jaleel still remembers the fun he had on the sprawling campus of the 100-year-old university.

Jaleel, now Special Secretary of the Minorities Welfare Department, did his MA in English from the university during 1983-85, said those two years on the campus would live with him forever.

“What I remember and cherish the most are those times when we used to go to our friend’s room for combined studies during summers and after we were done, we would illegally climb the walls of the recreation centre and steal a swim in the swimming pool of the campus in the middle of the night,” he added.

Syed Omar Jaleel

“Then there was the lounge where we spent hours playing table tennis and listening to music for hours together from the gramophone record,” said Jaleel. The very feeling of entering the campus was different, Jaleel said. “I remember the feeling I had when I used to get through the entrance of the Arts College. There is not one day I would not feel proud while entering that building with all that beautiful architecture. I also fondly remember how we were serious about attending lectures and the credit to that should be given to our faculty. We really used to look forward to attend their classes,” he recalled.

Jaleel, also fondly remembers the ‘chai bandi’ on the campus. “Where we used to meet up after our classes each day and enjoy the hot samosas and the famous golden tea,” he added.

“I just think how much fun it was,” said Jaleel, adding that the monsoons and the long walks then, as the campus turned green and refreshing with the cool breeze and the earthy scent when rain falls on dry soil, were special.

“Those were some of the best days of my life,” he said, adding that he last visited the campus a year ago.