Telangana State Formation Day grandly celebrated in New Jersey

All the people, irrespective of organizations and origin celebrated the occasion with a festive mood and was very hopeful and optimistic about the future of Telangana.

By Author  |  Published: 6th Jun 2017  1:35 pm
Telangana State Formation Day
Telangana State Formation Day celebrations in New Jersey, US. Photo: By Arrangement

Hyderabad: The third anniversary of Telangana State Formation Day was celebrated in a grand by the Telangana NRIs at Royal Albert Hall, New Jersey on June 4.

About 1,000 Telangana NRIs and well-wishers of Telangana participated with great enthusiasm and vigor in the celebrations. The celebrations were organized by various Telangana organizations such as TDF, TATA, TeNA, DATA, PTA, VTA, NJTA, ATA and Telugu organizations ATA, NATA, Kalabharati, TFAS, that came together in a united way to celebrate this unique occasion as a single Telangana family. Keeping aside all their differences, these organizations were united and put in lot of time, energy and money to make the celebrations a grand success.

The stage of the large banquet hall of Royal Albert hall was decorated to reflect Telangana culture with Batukammas and Bonalu, huge banners with Prof. Jayashankar and martyrs portrayed on them.

Telangana State Formation Day

The event started off with lighting of the lamp by senior citizens followed by a song paying homage to martyrs who laid down their lives for the statehood by Telangana singer Janardhan Pannela. A two minute silence followed and then slogans were raised by the Telangana NRIs to fulfil the dreams and aspirations of Martyrs and build a ‘Bangaru Telangana’.

Then followed dances by children of Telangana both in classical Kuchipoodi style and Telangana folk style that were performed wonderfully and all the people who attended were impressed by the performances. The children put in their heart and soul into the performances.

Telangana folk songs were rendered by well-known Telangana singer Janardhan Pannela who was accompanied by Deepti Nag and Ram Arella. The songs had some great rhythm which made the attendees tap their feet.

This was followed by a procession of Bonalu and Batukamma by the enthusiastic Telangana women with the Telangana folk Dappu artists leading it with great rhythmic drum beats.

Telangana State Formation Day

Everyone irrespective of their age participated with fantastic vigor and enthusiasm and danced to the drum beats and the women played Batukamma out side the hall. The procession went around the hall and with all the women and men dressed up in colorful Telangana handlooms.

All the Telangana NRIs put in their heart and soul into the event and were elated by the ecstatic experience.

Tasty food was served on the occasion with Telangana ‘pachi pulusu’ included and everyone had a sumptuous lunch.

All the people, irrespective of organizations and origin, who put in their time, effort and money were invited on to the stage and a cake was cut on the occasion of the State Formation Day.

Everyone celebrated the occasion with a festive mood and was very hopeful and optimistic about the future of Telangana. All were determined to help and support the building of a future ‘Bangaru Telangana’ in which the fruits of development would reach one and all, primarily to the oppressed and downtrodden. Everyone had glimmers of hope in their eyes and left with a content heart hopeful of a wonderful future for the state that we achieved after 60 years of aspirations and struggle.

Telangana State Formation Day