Grape of the matter

Suryaveer Singh’s Hyderabad Wine Society helps people get a low-down on all things related to wine

By Author  |  Published: 11th Jul 2019  10:20 pmUpdated: 11th Jul 2019  10:50 pm
Grape of the matter

Pronouncing the complicated names of wines, the vineyards they come from and the myriad ways to pair which wine with what food can be daunting to even the most seasoned of drinkers. So, for the inexperienced lot, getting their first sip of some quality wine, becoming part of a wine club is a great way to get started on becoming a connoisseur of these aged drinks.

Grape of the matterLuckily for us, Suryaveer Singh of Hyderabad Wine Society who started the group to expose people to the range of wines is the ultimate guide into the wine world. At his soirées, usually held at star properties and fine-dining restaurants, the emphasis is on quality in the food and the wine. He sources his bounty by joining forces with wine suppliers to create a huge selection of limited-release wines. At their chapter 19 meeting organised at 101-seater table at Taj Falaknuma, guests mingled over French onion soups while sipping some Pinot Noir from New Zealand, spearing over ravioli topped with enoki mushrooms while topping their glass of Spanish Tempranillo.

Grape of the matter

“We want the dinners to be fun, full of conversation and jokes. Since we mix people at the tables, there is a lot of networking and new friendships that also happen here,” says Suryaveer who started the society in 2017.

With stints in Four Seasons hotel in Los Angeles, Bangkok and Bali, the certified sommelier found the wine scene in Hyderabad to be lacking. “People have the money, but not much knowledge of wines. Telangana is the most expensive, in terms of liquor. It’s very difficult for someone to purchase wine which is an expensive commodity. It prevents access to exotic wines which clock up to Rs 10,000,” says Suryaveer who approached the general manager of a hotel over starting a society.

Grape of the matter“People need to know what is a Cabernet Sauvignon, a Riesling or Chardonnay, how to pair them with food, difference between good and bad wine, what is it that they like,” adds Suryaveer. It was the start of many dinners, usually six-courses paired with different wines at star properties. Held once a month, he coordinates with hoteliers to ensure the dinners don’t go beyond a certain price range and carefully plans the menu after discussions with chefs.
In the themed-dinners, he tells them about wine etiquette, wines being served and quizzes them later on. Most members are on the younger side eager to expand their palate. Shoot him a request on Facebook and you may very well find yourself in one of these dinners soon.

  • There are close to 18 types of wine glasses.
  • Follow the basic rule of thumb broader openings for reds, narrower for whites.
  • Red wine glasses are known by their wide bowls which opens up the flavour of the wine.
  • White wines are poured into glasses with a U-shaped bowl.

Hold it right

Hold all stemmed wine glasses (red, white,) towards the base of the stem between your thumb,forefinger and middle finger.