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The team of Paudhe Se Yaari, a gift-a-plant concept store, is now all set to give a makeover to your balconies and backyards

By   |  Published: 23rd Oct 2018  8:42 pm

Global warming, pollution, environmental hazards, and depletion of natural resources — terms like these have become part of our daily parlance and cease to be mere hearsay anymore. Compared to other metro cities, Hyderabad’s pollution levels may not be as high but it doesn’t mean we don’t need to be cautious and conscious about our environment.

Gunjan Domingo is a young entrepreneur who hails from Rajasthan but settled in Hyderabad after her marriage. And Paudhe Se Yaari, a store that promotes ‘gift a plant’ concept, is her brainchild born out of two reasons — to mitigate the effects of pollution on environment by encouraging planting of saplings, and find a solution to the eternal dilemma of what to gift to others.

So, Gunjan felt gifting plants to near and dear ones on special occasions will take care of both issues at one go.

As she started putting her idea into practice, it struck her that she could even help others who are looking for gifting ideas. That’s how Paudhe Se Yaari took shape. As soon as you step into the premises of this concept store, thousands of plants, terrariums, quirky and creative planters, among others, welcome you into the beautiful bungalow-turned-store which is located at Film Nagar.

“I have started Paudhe Se Yaari with passion and I’m really happy with the feedback we are receiving. My team is quite creative and the way they have been putting in efforts to make this store bigger and better makes me feel proud,” said Gunjan.

“We are so busy nowadays that sometimes we don’t put much thought into what to buy as a gift, but just buy something. So, to spread awareness about the concept of gifting a plant, I created a website initially and started online services. A couple of corporate companies whom we have approached responded in a positive way,” said Gunjan.

To make it more creative and quirky, their team has started collecting things that they could recycle. “Old bottles, shoes, old drums, tyre, metal boxes, etc., were collected and we started using them as planters. All these things are eco-friendly and they can be used for a long time,” she added.

Gunjan feels that the present generation has to be taught more about the importance of plants and the harm caused by global warming. Choosing to gift a plant is definitely a super cool idea. It has been a year since the store opened and people who walk into store don’t go empty-handed.

Gunjan and team have also started the balcony makeovers facility recently. For those who want to add a green patch to their balcony, the team will visit their house, take measurements of the balcony and give different options to choose from. And you can decide how you want your balcony to look like.

“It all depends on how your balcony or backyard garden is. We have options like Tropical, Mediterranean, Bohemian, European and various other looks which you can pick. Choose the kind of plants you want and we will do a makeover to your balcony,” shares the proud owner.

The price range at the store starts from Rs 50, depending on the variety of plant. If you are looking for something beyond just a nursery, Paudhe Se Yaari can help you with right stuff and suggestions.