Gripping narration makes it a must watch film!

Film: Karthavyam Director: Gopi Nainar Cast: Nayanthara, Ramachandran Durairaj, Sunu Lakshmi

By Author   |   Published: 14th Mar 2018   1:20 am
A major positive element for ‘Karthavyam’ is the plot and it unfolds in a realistic fashion.

Coming up with movies based on contemporary societal issues and going in for a conscientious take without losing focus on the core of the issue is a rare phenomenon.

And, Nayanthara’s ‘Karthavyam’ does this with the film picking up a rather ignored subject and presents in a very impactful manner.

Venadu is a dry village, where people lead a tough life hit by water scarcity and struggling for every drop of it. Here is a daily wage couple living along with their children, a boy and a four-year-old girl, namely Dhansika.

One day, Dhansika joins her mother at her workplace and accidentally falls in an uncovered 140-foot deep borewell. The efforts to rescue the girl form an intense narrative on which the movie builds itself.

A major positive element for ‘Karthavyam’ is the plot and it unfolds in a realistic fashion and drives the characters within the content instead of elevating them with a rather larger than life image.

While the first half runs on documenting the living style of these families in the village, the second half picks up pace as emotional chords getting laced with political dramas. Both parts get good support from Ghibran’s background score.

Director Gopi Nainar succeeds in maintaining a certain intensity throughout. His depiction of power politics, the functioning of bureaucracy and lack of advancements in surveillance technics play along with a taut script.

It is these elements that turn as powerful pillars for the film to rest.

On the acting front, Nayanthara as a District Collector gives an impressive performance and walks away with laurels while Ramachandran Durairaj and Sunu Lakshmi as Dhansika’s parents give her a stiff competition to steal the show.

Coming to production values, producer Sharrath Marar’s care in presenting the film for the Telugu audience deserves special mention. Though, ‘Karthavyam’ is a dubbed one, viewers’ will not get that feel.