Guide to entertain your kids

Some age-by-age ideas to keep your little one engaged

By Author  |  Punarnavi Bhupalam  |  Published: 7th Dec 2018  5:37 pm

Kids are a blessing in disguise, even if they are your kids or somebody else’s, their growth spurt from a newborn to a toddler can be very quick. But, it is also a slow learning process for the kid and the parent. During this time, anything and everything will be very amusing. So, here are a few tips to keep them entertaining.

Infants (age 0)
These precious little beings are very easy to entertain in this period of their lives, by rocking them when they sleep and oh-so-gently stretching them and humming to them.

Toddlers (age 0-3)
For this age group, you have to step up your game as they are developing and tend to imitate what the adults are doing. In this tender age, you can start stimulating their senses by sensory play that includes activities which stimulates young child’s senses — touch, smell, taste, sight, and hearing.

Kids (age 3-9)
This is where a preschool baby is growing into a curious being and is old enough to have a little bit of attention span. Kids at this age are very outgoing and active. Storytelling, mind exercises and introducing them to a sport can do the trick.

Adolescents (age 10-up)
A turning point for the kids as they slowly hit puberty and have a mind of their own. They tend to be less dependent on the parent and have their own ideas to entrain themselves, for example, having a collection of books to read, having a sport to play. However, they need guidance of the parent to move forward.

It’s hard to draw firm boundaries on what’s age appropriate. So, don’t feel like it’s weird to propose one of the little-kid activities to a bigger kid, or vice versa; just adapt it to their interest and skill level as needed.