Hyderabad startup H-Bots Robotics launches world’s first smart policing robot

The robot can move, recognise people, take complaints, detect bombs, identify suspects, interact with people and answer to queries.

By Author  |  Published: 29th Dec 2017  12:07 pmUpdated: 30th Dec 2017  12:46 am
H-Bots Robotics
H-Bots Robotics launched the world's first smart policing robot.

Hyderabad: H-Bots Robotics, Hyderabad-based robotics technology company has launched the world’s first smart policing robot. The beta version robot developed by the company is fully ‘Made in India’, using all the components sourced from within the country. The 5.7 ft robot that weighs 43 kg can move, recognise people, take complaints, detect bombs, identify suspects, interact with people and answer to queries.

To bring out the beta version of the robot, the company’s 16-member team spent 1,400 hours in the last six months. The company has spent about Rs 40 lakh on research and development of the robot. The company, which has already received 20 firm orders, aims to make 70 robots in the first year and 700 by 2020. The robot can be used by police, army and security agencies both in India and overseas, informed H-Bots Robotics founder PSV Kisshhan.

The Robocop interacts with its surrounding environment gathering data in real-time and detects irregularities without user interface and operates at a fraction of the cost normally paid for technology, cameras, sensors and guard services. The company has developed it as a security robot which is equipped to protect and secure public and private areas such as single posts, malls, airports, offices, buildings with public places.

The advanced, responsive, trained robot can interact with public, take complaints, register them and carry out audio and video recording. The multi-touch screen robot which can recognise English now will going forward recognise Telugu and Hindi. It has the ability to conduct a 360 degree eye level surveillance, face and gesture recognition, detect metals, monitor temperature and can control theft. The robot has inbuilt artificial intelligence, dual LED lights, thermal imaging and emergency flash lights. It has automatic charging dock station and can be deployed for both indoor and outdoor jobs.

Kisshhan said, “Hoping to commercially launch the robot in July next year, we will test the robot in hotels, airport, bus stands and railway stations how is it functioning. We are aiming to cater to domestic market as well as overseas markets including Asian nations and US. We are aiming to raise $5 million to meet our expansion shortly.”

The robot will be available at a price of Rs 5 lakh. By July 2018, the robot will be ready for commercial deployment.

Boost to ecosystem

Telangana IT principal secretary Jayesh Ranjan who formally launched the robot said, “Hyderabad which has always been known for IT is making progress in hardware as well. This is the good sign for the ecosystem. The robot brings together the strengths of IT and hardware. There is a huge potential for robotics and finds application in wide ranging sectors such as the healthcare and e-commerce.”

He informed Telangana Today, “The company has just begun talking to the Police department. The team has made a presentation to the officials already. In such a short time, the company has received international order. This is an encouraging trend. We should start talking to colleges to include robotics in the curriculum.”

The company in July this year launched Makers Leeway in Hyderabad, a lab facility that enables prototyping solutions in the space of robotics and hardware for startups and innovators.

On the prospects of the facility, Ranjan said, “Every component for the robot is made in the company’s Makers Leeway lab. This will boost the entire startup ecosystem.”

Soniks Consulting managing partner M Ram who invested in H-Bots a year ago, saw there was potential in the robotics space. “They were in initial stages of their activity when they met me. I felt the team was enthusiastic and had a clear roadmap. There is scope for the company to set up a manufacturing facility where the business can be scaled up further by ensuring higher volumes,” he said.

International order

H-Bots signed a memorandum of understanding with Thailand based Amigo Group lead by its chairman Chandra Sekhar Avvaru. Talking to this newspaper, Amigo chief said, “We are supporting the company in it R&D by funding them $1 million. We have given our specifications so that we can deploy the robots in our hotels and real estate ventures. The robot can be used in marketing and quality control in real estate while it can be used in restaurants and at the reception in our hotels. We have also placed an order for a smart mirror, which can substitute the guest’s mobile, allowing to make calls and receive and read text messages.”