Handle the downpour like a Stud

The trick to dressing for the rains is picking the right clothes

By Author  |  Jasthi Clothing  |  Published: 7th Jul 2019  10:06 pmUpdated: 8th Jul 2019  3:25 pm
Jashti Clothing

It’s all picturesque and pleasant until you have to step out of the comforts of indoors and deal with damp, muddy weather. Picking the right monsoon attire is a challenge, mostly because there are so many things to consider – right colour, rain-friendly fabric, shoes and putting all that together and looking good. We’ve got the situation under control, though. Here’s how you can look dapper, weather-friendly looks without much effort.

Sustainable fabrics
Fabrics like giza cotton, light-weight knits, polyester and nylon would be ideal. They dry quickly and efficiently and don’t lose their look. Nylon sports t-shirts, cotton shirts or polyester shorts are perfect for sticky weathers.

Appropriate colours
Go for bright colours like yellow, blue, reds and pinks. Stand out for your colour combinations. Go for light and dark shades or light on light shades. Pastels are also a great choice for dreary weathers.

Stand out styles
The only thing that can make a gloomy day bright is a great outfit. Avoid denims and heavy fabrics that don’t dry easily. Chinos, light trousers and cargo shorts are great pant options. Pair them with half sleeve shirts or t-shirts or roll your sleeves for comfort.

Classy shoes
Shoes play a major role in accentuating any outfit. Opt for shoes or slippers with thick soles that won’t get wet or muddy yet look classy. Oxfords or keds are ideal. Go for slip on sandals or Velcro sandals that have a slight heel.

Accessorise right
Add some much-needed suave and cool factor to your outfit by accessorising your outfit suitably. Leather laptop bags, chunky watches or full coverage hats could amp up an already stylish look. Carry an umbrella for protection from rain and style.