Hands-on healing

Reiki, a Japanese alternate medicine, believes in healing through transferring universal energy called Chi

By Author  |  Published: 19th Mar 2019  7:11 pm

Humans are the only creatures that believe that energy transcends everything that science has decoded till date. And beliefs that one can transform and harness forms of energy is still a subject strongly debated upon.

While some of those claims are proven to happen, science still hasn’t found ways to research some and categorises them as pseudosciences. One such unproven but prevalent form of energy healing comes from Japan, called Reiki. Developed by one Mikao Usui in 1922, Reiki has since been adapted into many other cultures across the world.

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Life force energy

Reiki largely relies on transferring the healing energy through one’s palms using hand symbols to treat oneself and others. The form talks about ‘attitude of gratitude’ that one must embrace for effective results from practising Reiki. The Asian alt medicine is administered by laying hands on the patient to transfer life’s vital force to manage stress and promote relaxation; it is believed that when one’s life force is low, they are more prone to feeling sick and low.

Living forms

A belief that there is a spiritual energy that separates the living from the non-living things, Reiki is dated back to the pre-science era that says, “as science progressed, it missed out on exploring the vital force.” Reiki practitioners compare the alternate healing method to therapeutic touch; when all treatments fail to heed medicines, the last resort is to make the patient feel better through positivity and touch.

Everyday life

People who practise Reiki believe in using it in everyday life. While some use Reiki during meditation, petting animals, cleansing the home and while gardening, others use it for practical reasons like getting a good night’s sleep or in channelising Reiki during spiritual practices.


Practitioners of this method talk about it being based on Qi, or better known to the laymen as Chi, which is also known as the universal energy (remember Kung Fu Panda?). Assumptions of there being a universal energy are at large; but, none have provided empirical evidence to prove the same.


While the whole Reiki regimen sounds like something that positive energy can do, there is no research that proves its workings.