Handy phone for photo enthusiasts

Reno2 offers a 20x digital zoom giving you freedom to choose viewing angles for your pictures and videos

By Author  |  Published: 19th Aug 2019  3:57 pm

OPPO Reno2 is the brand new breakthrough smartphone that will come with a slew of photography-enhancing features, including a 48 MP Quad camera setup and a 20X digital zoom along with a 5x Hybrid Zoom. It will also support Ultra Dark Mode allowing users to enjoy ultra-clear night shots and Ultra Steady Video bringing ‘action camera’ level video.

The quad camera will provide a powerful toolkit for seeing things differently from all angles, offering a 20x Digital Zoom providing users with the freedom to choose the viewing angle they prefer for video creation, with all focal lengths achieving clear and less noisy results, with no dropped frames during shooting.

The Reno2 Series’ will also come with Ultra Dark Mode which will elevate the photos beyond naked eye through hardware network-optimised AI noise reduction. Meanwhile, software dynamic exposure adjustments will secure optimal picture brightness allowing the consumers to view objects in the night clearly. The use of a built-in NPU speeds up picture processing, making it more convenient and easier to enjoy beautiful nights.

In addition to the unique features, the Reno2 Series Ultra Steady Video can bring exceptionally clear and smooth video. Approaching the quality level of purpose-built action camera, regardless of users’ active lifestyles – jogging, skiing, cycling or traveling, the Reno2 Series is ideal for users always on the move.