‘HCA elections will be a smooth ride’

Returning Officer Rajeev Reddy says he received more nominations than 216 clubs for ID cards.

By Author   |   Published: 10th Jan 2017   9:10 am Updated: 10th Jan 2017   11:26 am
HCA elections' returning officer K Rajeev Reddy (left) receiving nomination for the elections. Photo: Shiva Krishna Gundra

Hyderabad: The returning officer for Hyderabad Cricket Association (HCA) elections, K Rajeev Reddy, said that apart from a few glitches here and there, he expects the scheduled elections on January 17 from 10 am to 2 pm, to be a smooth ride.

“I think the elections will be smooth. All are cooperating with us. Of course, there will be a few glitches. We have received more authorisation letters for identity cards for the election. There are 216 clubs in the association. But we have received 198 on Sunday and 32 more today, so far. Some club people who are not part of HCA may have applied. We have to do a scrutiny after the nominations and will declare the qualified names for competing in elections,” he told Telangana Today.

The last date for filing nominations is January 10, while for withdrawing them the final date is January 12. A day after the withdrawal, the returning officer will do a scrutiny of them and finalise the list.

However, all is not well so far. The last date for submitting the authorised forms for ID cards was on January 8. But a few people failed to comply with the deadline and submitted the forms on Monday. “Yes. There are a few applications that we received today. But we did not finalise them yet. We will discuss and then decide whether to give them ID cards or not,” Rajeev Reddy said.

On the other hand, HCA current secretary K John Manoj claimed that the body overseeing the election is illegal and has no right to function. “This is an illegal body. How can they conduct elections without the High Court order. He brought one order from the lower court and issued dates. HCA is not a party to that. His was a self-made ad hoc committee. Prakash Jain is the ad hoc committee chairman as well as respondent. I don’t know how that is possible. Is that legally correct? I am not sure. It is definitely not the legal body to conduct elections,” he fumed.

In response, Rajeev Reddy said that how could he (John Manoj) take nomination forms if he was not considering this body as legal. “He took the nomination forms today. If this body is not legal, why did he take the form for elections,” he asked.

Barring these few glitches, Rajeev feels he will do the job on schedule. “I was appointed as per the court orders and I am doing my job. I have issued election notification on January 1 and couriered them to all the club members.”

Unlike last year, where there were 18 posts in the elections, including 12 EC members, this year there are only six posts, i.e. President, Vice-President, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Joint Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, and Committee Member.

Until Monday afternoon, there were five nominations filed for the post of president. Bhavani Prasad (Kakatiya Cricket Club), Vidyut Jaisimha (Marredpally Cricket Club), N Venkateswaran (Marredpally Sporting), Naresh Sharma (East Marredpally Cricket Club) and Imran Mahamood (Sunshine Cricket Academy) have filed their nomination for the highest post.

While the Lodha panel ruled that the committee member should relinquish the post after nine years in office, most of the office bearers and contestants have crossed the barrier and filed nominations, which comes under contempt of court. And with the cooling period of three years between consecutive terms, the HCA is set for an overhaul.

“The current HCA office bearers are liable for punishment. They did not follow the Supreme Court ruling to conduct elections in October. Had they done that, everything would have been fine by now. But they did not do that. Only two members have resigned from their posts. Narender Goud, Surender and Vijayanand, all of them have completed nine years and still they are continuing. They have committed contempt of court. They are planning to have a meeting as well soon. How can they do that when we have elections,” a former EC member asked.