For a healthy circulatory system

Take measures for smoother functioning of blood vessels.

By Author  |  Published: 1st Jun 2017  6:12 pm
Healthy Circulatory System

Blood vessels are the lifeline of the body that carry nutrients to all the organs and muscles to keep them nourished to do their day-to-day functions at ease. It is, therefore, imperative that they stay fit and fine to keep this line of life going.

As such, most of the diseases that affect the metabolism of the body like diabetes and hypertension gradually hurt the health of the arteries and that is why complications come up. Leading examples being stroke, heart attacks and bleeding or haemorrhage in the brain and several other parts.

The heart as the head of the circulatory system leads the way by pumping blood with a pressure good enough to reach all corners of the body at a certain pace. If the blood pressure rises or is consistently high in individuals, it is called as hypertension and, over a period of time, it causes a stiffening of the arteries. The otherwise supple arteries are pressurised constantly and, at a point, could break and bleed that causes haemorrhage and if it happens in the blood vessels of the brain it causes a stroke.

The endothelium is the innermost layer of the arteries and is supple and soft like the smooth glass lining. But people with high cholesterol or triglyceride levels are prone to having these fats being deposited in the second layer of the blood vessel while the smooth architecture of the endothelium gets disturbed. Blood passing over it can promptly form a clot imagining an injury to the area and erringly causes a block which is another reason for a stroke.

Diabetes does not cause any apparent symptoms and so patients with high blood sugar levels always feel ‘fit’ and ignore medication. The problem with this metabolic disorder is, it gradually damages the arteries and leads to more complications than any other disease.

Now that we are aware what an injured blood vessel can cause, it is imperative that they remain in pink of their health to prevent any deleterious diseases. There is a way out to achieve it too.

* Keep blood pressure down
* Maintain predominantly normal blood sugar levels
* Keep the lipids under check
* Lose weight
* Stay active
* Eat healthy
* Quit smoking

All the above may sound routine but it is as simple as that. If one is a patient of high blood pressure, diabetes, and high lipid levels, it is imperative that they do not neglect medication.

Obesity is the killer of the century and efforts like half-an-hour of walking or exercise helps keep the fat from overpowering our health. Staying alert and active is one’s choice. Tobacco is certainly no pleasure because of the dangers it carries.

Eating a Mediterranean diet with more foods that can chug the organs in activity like olive or rice bran oil for cooking and more green leafy vegetables, nuts and beans, and foods rich in omega-3-fatty acids is the key to health in this era.

Having said that, homeopathy is always there to help. Keeping the endothelium at it its supple and tensile best is the key. There are remedies like Crataegus, Arjuna, Allium sativa, Baryta mur, Rauwolfia, Gingko biloba on a symptomatic basis that can prevent degeneration of the vessels and prevent accumulation of fats in them to keep away the risks of further disease and suffering.