Helming his dreams

Saikrishna’s Opperah is a craft of two years' determination and hard work.

By Author  |  Published: 1st Apr 2017  11:16 pmUpdated: 1st Apr 2017  7:38 pm
Sai Krishna. Photo: Suriya Sridhar

Born to Mandolin maestro Uppalapu Srinivas, world expected Saikrishna, his son, to tread in his father’s footsteps and don the musician’s hat. The artistic gene in him, however, had other plans. The realm of movies awed little Saikrishna, whose undeterred hard work henceforth, has made him a promising talent now.

His upcoming short film Opperah will speak for his flair. In a candid chat, Saikrishna aka Naani Krissh, degree student at St Mary’s College, Yousufguda, shares extracts of his journey so far.

Inspiration sprouts
As a kid I used to watch a lot of Hollywood movies. Movies like Hobbit, Harry Potter and Spiderman ignited my dreams. It set me thinking and widened the horizons of my imagination. I wanted to make movies like that. Veterans like Steven Spielberg, S Shankar and SS Rajamouli became my role models.

Exceptional experiments
I made a spoof of Eega when I was 16, which became quite popular. Epics, mythology, science fiction and fantasy are topics that greatly interest me and I love working around those themes. Direction and VFX are my areas of interest.

About Opperah
Opperah is my first adventure. The idea came from a dream that I had. Once it grew roots in my head, I left everything behind and invested all my time in its production. It took me two years to finish the project. My friends Avinash, Siddharth, Venu and Priyanka have acted in the short film. I kept experimenting and practising with different tools and learned the animation by myself. It involves dragons and robotics and many more VFX treats to offer. Opperah will be released worldwide on YouTube soon.

Memorable moments
I showed Opperah to Kabali’s producer Kalaipuli S Thanu sir. He called me to his room and watched the 20-minute-short film raptly. I was very nervous. Thanu sir was impressed and congratulated me wholeheartedly. He introduced me to his son Kalaprabhu Thanu who encouraged me to work more.

En route ambitions
Although I am making short films now, my ambition is to make movies – on epics and mythology. I do not compare myself with others for everybody has a skill set that’s unique. I compare and compete with myself. I work on refining my work and never compromise on the quality. I am almost never satisfied and keep thinking about how to improve.