Here are some amazing facts about twins

By Author  |  Published: 17th Apr 2018  6:44 pmUpdated: 17th Apr 2018  7:17 pm

Fascinating facts about twins

Unfasten your curiosity and find out more about the awesome judwaas

While it’s fascinating to see twins or have a twin, we are all loaded with curiosity. We might feel it’s not a usual phenomenon to come across twins or multiples, but studies have shown that it’s not as unusual as we think. Get to know more facts about the awesome twins.

* Do you think that twins have the same fingerprints? A lot of people say so, but no, they also have unique prints… though they have the same DNA and can look alike.

* Twins are said to bond in the womb. When they grow, they generally tend to understand each other better than the rest would do.

* According to researches, mothers who have given birth to twins are believe to live longer.

* Heard about mirror image twins? If you were doubtful whether they really exist, the answer is yes. When the egg splits later than usual, it leads to mirror image.

* Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Ashton and Michael Kutcher, Scarlett and Hunter Johansson, and Karan Johar’s kids Yash and Roohi are a few famous twin celebrities.

— T Takuangla Jamir

A mysterious piece of land

The tribes of North Sentinel Island remain isolated for nearly 60,000 years now

North Sentinel Island is known to be the hardest place in the world to visit and world’s most dangerous island. This island is also home to the most isolated tribe in the world.

For nearly 60,000 years now, the fiercely independent tribe has rejected contact with the outside world. They have attacked nearly every outsider who has strayed into their territory. Another interesting fact is that every two to three decades, a ship tends to find itself on the island’s shore, whether on purpose or by accident.

Today, Indian government recognises this island as a sovereign entity and makes sure the tribes are left undisturbed.

— Dheeraja Manvi

To tree, with love

Sometimes, when a plan flops, it turns out to be the best twist that could’ve probably happened

In 2013, as a part of Melbourne’s Urban Forest Strategy, the city assigned around 77,000 of its trees, mail IDs. This was initiated as a step to fight the consequential deterioration of trees, from a drought that lasted for more than a decade.

The intention was to make it easier for the citizens to report any problem regarding the tree that can be taken care of. And guess what, the ids were flooded with mails — but no, not about any damage or danger, but thousands of love letters!

Melbournians developed this endearingly strange relationship where they wrote letters to the tree, from pleasantries to love letters to even sharing the issues they were going through.

— Keerthana B

In contrast to appearance

An average cloud weighs equal to 100 elephants

The beautiful white clouds that we see in the sky look so light and effortlessly float around in the air. But, they are quite dense in terms of the mass. What’s unbelievable is that an average cloud weighs close to 100 elephants. That’s, 1.1 million pounds.

How is it still staying afloat? The weight is distributed among millions of droplets. These tiny droplets come together and form a single rain drop. Many such drops form the rain. So, next time there is a downpour, just imagine that all the water was stored in a cloud, to understand the magnitude of the weight.

— Lekha