Thorny little indoor plants

Being around succulents can do wonders for your memory and sleep

By   |  Published: 28th May 2019  10:34 pm

Having indoor plants adds a sense of calm to homes. While we are all in for this calmness, our fast-paced life might come in the way of the green maintenance. And that’s why we should all turn to these sweet, little, thorny thing – succulents/cacti. Yes, they are pretty and yes, they are extremely easy to maintain, but did you know they also have a variety of health benefits?

Air purifiers

Now, there is something called indoor air pollution which is produced by your rugs, grocery bags, books, etc. All these household things release volatile chemicals, and indoor plants play a major role in removing these chemical present in the air. So, if you are looking to purify your home, succulents are your best bet.

Sleep enhancers

Sleep issues? Science has something for you! We all know that plants release oxygen during the day and carbon dioxide during the night. But, succulents continue to emit oxygen till late at night. This oxygen-enriched air allows you to sleep better.

Healing angels

Apart from being air purifiers and sleep enhancers, these plants also have some healing abilities. Being around succulents will help you recover from health issues like cold, flu to name a few. A study has proved that patients with plants in their room heal faster than those who don’t.

Memory chargers

Best friend’s birthday skips your mind, finding house keys is no less than a treasure hunt, and what’s the name of that school friend that you met after ages? – that’s the life of forgetful folks. For all those people who relate to the aforementioned situations, here is a quick solution to improve your memory – plants! Being around plants especially succulents of any kind or cacti will do wonders to your memory and attention span.

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