Here is the island that inspired Jurassic Park

By Author  |  Published: 12th Jun 2018  6:33 pmUpdated: 12th Jun 2018  8:58 pm
Isla Nublar

Remember the Isla Nublar island shown in Jurassic Park which becomes a home for dinosaurs? It’s actually inspired by Isla del Coco located 120 miles from the coast of Costa Rica. Popularly known as Cocos Island, it is one the largest uninhabited islands in the world due to its geographical location.

To go to this island, one has to endure a grueling boat ride from the west coast of the country. It was first discovered in 1526 and since then has seen many visitors like pirates, whalers, treasure hunters, prisoners, divers, park rangers and fishermen.

Over time, they have left inscriptions of their names, dates and ships some which are centuries old. It became a part of Costa Rica in 1949 and was declared a national park by the President Rodrigo Carazo in 1978 to prevent the construction of a hotel and casino there. Due to its unique biodiversity, Cocos Island was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997. Unfortunately, if you were living planning to relive the memory of the successful film, it may not come true as only Costa Rican park rangers are allowed inside.