Here’s how to get a good night’s sleep

If you have trouble sleeping, here’s what you can do to get a good night’s sleep

By Author  |  Published: 7th Jan 2018  11:25 pmUpdated: 9th Feb 2018  8:10 pm

Finding difficulty in sleeping is something a lot of people go through. If you want to try something before you see a doctor, take note of these habits that might be the real culprit that’s keeping you away form a good night sleep.

No technology

Using technology before sleeping is one of the main culprits that will disturb your sleep time. Stay away from anything that’s engaging and will excite your brain like phone, laptop, TV or even gaming when you know it’s about time for you to go to bed.

Don’t eat right before you sleep

Other than chocolate also avoid spicy, fatty foods before going to bed. Eating dinner close to bedtime is also something that can be avoided. Keeping a gap of two hours between dinner and bedtime is ideal.

No coffee, tea or water

Something we all know we shouldn’t be consuming close to our bedtime. Push yourself to avoid drinking coffee, tea or even water because they are all stimulants and is bound to disturb your bedtime.

Don’t force sleep

When nothing works we often force ourselves to sleep, but this is not the right way to handle sleepless nights. Doing so will only make you more anxious. Try to calm yourself by either walking around, thinking positive, make sure the lights are off and you may pick a book for a short read.