Hidden tastes from Hyderabad

Here are a few sweets from Hyderabad which less known to people.

By Author   |   Published: 19th Apr 2017   11:10 pm Updated: 21st Apr 2017   6:48 pm

Hyderabadis love eating and especially when it comes to sweets, they have a sweet tooth. Many of the rich sweets of India are from here and there are a few more which may aren’t aware of. Next time when you go to a original Hyderabadi sweet shop, ask for these dishes. 

Badam ki jali
This sweet is a delicious classic from Hyderabad which is prepared only by a few families. The dish is made of Marzipan, which is made of almond meal and sugar in different shapes. A few of the pieces are cut into pattern with Urdu writings. Initially, egg was one the ingredients added while making of the sweet. Slowly after non-Muslim people starting liking the taste of the dish, eggs were completely avoided from the recipe.

Chaawal ki kheer aur Puri
The kheer is especially made of rice, sugar or jaggery, coconut powder, ghee and lots of milk. Sometimes, even grated bottle guard can also be added to the mixture. Grated badam, kaju and pista are toppings to the dish. Kadhhu ka kheer is also another famous kheer of Hyderabad. This dish when served with hot Puris will be much more delicious.

Mauz ka meetha
This hidden sweet from Hyderabad is something which every banana lover would like to have. The dish cooked on slow heat with milk, sugar, cardamom powder and saffron. After adding sugar to the natural sweetness of banana, the dish turns to be the sweetest one. In addition to it, handful of crushed nuts, loads of ghee and a cup of beaten cream are added to the dish.

Shahjahani ka meetha
This dish can also be called as Tamatar ka halwa. Yes, this recipe is one of the hidden treasures of Hyderabad. This unsual recipe is made using less tangy tomatoes or salad tomatoes and milk. To make the dish rich in taste, little amount khoya/mawa can be added to it with sugar and nuts. It can be a surprise for those who don’t like to have tomatoes.