High-tech ship set for launch on 400th Mayflower anniversary

Mayflower is the ship that carried a group of Puritan settlers to a new life in America

By   |  Published: 16th Sep 2020  4:27 pm

Plymouth: Dignitaries, seafarers and scientists were gathering in Plymouth, England, on Wednesday to mark the 400th anniversary of the departure of the Mayflower, the ship that carried a group of Puritan settlers to a new life in America. The journey would launch a new chapter of expansion and empire for Europe, and bring disaster for the Native peoples who had lived in the Americas for millennia.

Adrian Vinken, chairman of Britain’s Mayflower 400 commemorations, called it “arguably the most influential sea voyage in global maritime history.” Four centuries to the day since the ship sailed out of Plymouth harbor, dignitaries from the United States, the U.K. and the Netherlands — home to some of the Pilgrims — are launching a new Mayflower.

Unlike its wooden predecessor, this vessel is a sleek, high-tech trimaran powered by the sun and steered by artificial intelligence. The Mayflower Autonomous Ship, which will get a snappier moniker at Wednesday’s naming ceremony, is set to follow in its forebearer’s wake by crossing the Atlantic from Plymouth, England, to Plymouth, Massachusetts, this time on a marine research trip — and without people aboard.

The ship’s creators, marine research organization ProMare and computing giant IBM, hope it will be the first in a new generation of crewless high-tech vessels that can explore parts of the oceans too difficult or dangerous for people to reach.

The coronavirus pandemic has scaled back trans-Atlantic Mayflower commemorations, and delayed the ship’s voyage until 2021. It will undertake six months of sea trials and short trips before setting out across the Atlantic next spring on a voyage to measure ocean health: assessing the impact of climate change, measuring micro-plastic pollution and studying populations of whales and dolphins.