Hits and misses of #SwiggyVoiceOfHunger

When the idea is to turn gibberish into food, the results are bound to be hilarious

By Author  |  Published: 20th Mar 2019  6:56 pm

“bluueeblaahhhbleehhhblueeblahblehblue” — when Swiggy tweeted this a while ago, it has confused people and sparked some funny conversations among foodies. The tweeple were quick to respond to this makes-no-sense tweet by coming up with their own assumptions.

“It seems, admin is not happy with this year’s increment.. lol,” tweeted @Ibrahimsyed_s. After several such fun and clueless reponses, Swiggy has finally explained the gibberish tweet by announcing #SwiggyVoiceOfHunger campaign.

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The campaign consists of five challenges in which the participants will have to recreate the shape of food items like Kebab skewer, nachos, and pancakes. Whoever completes all the five challenges will get a chance to win a year’s worth of food vouchers from Swiggy. And, this is apart from the daily prizes for each challenge.

Now, when the idea is this crazy, the results aren’t supposed to be any less crazier. About 1,50,000 foodies took Instagram DM by storm by participating in the challenge. To check out some of the funniest attempts, look at the Instagram accounts of @mojorojo, @ashishchanchlani, and @mipalkarofficial, among many others.While you are there, get ready for some stomach cramps as you Laugh Out Loud!