A home for the homeless

George Rakesh Babu travels around the city in his van rescuing the needy and gives them a new lease of life at his home, Good Samaritan’s India.

By   |  Published: 6th May 2017  11:47 pmUpdated: 7th May 2017  12:18 am
Making A Difference: George Rakesh Babu with those he rescued at the Good Samaritan’s India (below) the Good Samaritan van which he drives around the city. Photos: Surya Sridhar

Be it the homeless guy at the street corner or the sick and injured begging on the road, these are sights we have grown accustomed to seeing when going about our day to day activities. But the of people is such that no one even bothers to stop and ask if they can help. However, George Rakesh Babu decided to take action where none was being taken. He started the initiative Good Samaritan’s India which rescues abandoned elderly individuals, the injured, sick and destitute every day. Renting two houses, one in the city and the other in Warangal, he sends the able bodied to Warangal, while the weaker ones remain at the house in Hyderabad. Currently, there are 90 people in the house.
“I wanted to create a homely atmosphere for people who have nowhere to go. I think everyone deserves to have a sense of security and belonging. Even a little support from us goes a long way in boosting their morale,” says George who considers those he rescues “his own family”. In the six years he has been running the home, he has managed to change many lives, like that of Sai Charan who was once afflicted with tuberculosis. Abandoned by his family, George took him in and paid for his medical treatment till he recovered. “He manages the accounts and coordinates the management of the two homes in Hyderabad and Warangal. Each person has a story which is full of pain and despair, but they all hope for a better tomorrow,” reflects George whose basic medical training comes in handy for treating the smaller injuries.

All residents share the duties of the house and help in any way they can. A partially paralysed woman cooks for everyone, while a rape survivor helps distribute the food. The atmosphere is that of a real home where everyone considers each other like a family member. “They order me around, shout at me and ask for whatever they want. They all treat me like a son. It’s a nice feeling,” admits George whose wife teaches in a school for the disabled.

George and his two volunteers respond to any call at any time about any elderly, abandoned or destitute individual. “Rather than ignoring the homeless, destitute women and sick people sleeping on the footpaths for treatment near hospitals, people can feel free to call us whenever they come across such people and we will rescue them,” adds George. Since he believes taking large donations is counterproductive to his initiative and could lead to interference by the sponsors, he encourages people to sponsor one person’s daily needs instead.

So the next time you come across a homeless person, you know who to call.

Good Samaritan’s India can be contacted at 040-6528 1281