Horoscope – Here is what your stars say today


ARIES(Mar. 21-Apr. 20)

Are you facing restrictions for travel? You may witness more restrictions during the day forcing you to limit yourself to four corners of your home. These restrictions may not be special for you and you have to obey them. Don’t try to undertake journey violating the restriction as it lands you in trouble. Respect the law.

TAURUS(Apr. 21-May 21)

Sun’s presence in your ruling quarters of the zodiac will keep you highly confident of your health. News of some of the people in your neighbourhood being affected by Covid-19 will not adversely affect your mental state. It is good to maintain such confidence always but don’t be relaxed in sticking to safety measures. Follow all protocols.

GEMINI(May 22-Jun. 21)

With Mercury and Venus guarding your ruling quarters of the zodiac, you may tend to be extravagant. If you are on a shopping spree, you may change your priorities and tend to purchase non-priority items to please your kids. If you are replacing outdated electronic items at home with brand new items, ensure you are buying original items.

CANCER(Jun. 22-Jul. 22)

With Moon travelling in the lost horizons of your zodiac, you may cross all your boundaries. You may try to reestablish old connections with members of the opposite sex. But with Mars guiding your mental state, you may make false or impracticable promises to your old friends. Think of your long-term relations coolly.

LEO(July 23-Aug. 23)

Are you a senior medical professional? The day may witness developments bringing you recognition to your services. If you are a specialist in a particular branch of medicine, official agencies may seek your advice on nagging health issues. If you are heading a medical organisation, you may be entrusted with additional responsibilities.

VIRGO(Aug. 24-Sept. 23)

With multiple celestial entities guarding your career matters, flood of opportunities may unveil before you. You will be in an achieving mood and all major tasks will look easy for you. Your confidence and courage would be such that you tend to finish pending agreements in a huff. You may disregard all suggestions opposing your views.

LIBRA(Sept. 24-Oct. 23)

Your preference to be silent on many key issues may send out different signals. If you are heading an organisation, some of the people working with you may construe that you are not strong enough to handle sensitive matters. Yet, some others may feel you have no answers to nagging issues. Try to be expressive on all matters.

SCORPIO(Oct. 24-Nov. 22)

Unexpected things may happen to your advantage. With Venus and Mercury guarding celestial zones representing your honor in the society, you may receive pleasant news from official circles. It may relate to cancellation of a fine you are supposed to pay for violation of rules or breach of agreement. You may learn you are not at fault.

SAGITTARIUS(Nov. 23-Dec. 21)

You will enjoy good relations at home and especially your spousal relations will be at their best. With Mercury and Venus tenanting the corridors of your conjugal life, you will find the day opportune to express your love for your life-partner. The day will help you to be a perfect family person and you will not mind displaying your preferences.

CAPRICORN(Dec. 22-Jan. 20)

Presence of multiple celestial entities in your health zone reminds you to be careful of your eyes. The day may cause you itching sensation in eyes, especially in your left eye. If you are already down with some sort of eye troubles, ensure they don’t aggravate. Avoid visiting unhygienic places or markets having high density of visitors.

AQUARIUS(Jan. 21-Feb. 19)

Your dreams of acquiring a new vehicle may bear fruit. With Mercury joining hands with Venus, you may learn that the vehicle of your chosen colour and brand are now ready to be delivered to you. The day will bring smiles on your face and your family may find it appropriate for rejoicing. Other concerns may not be important to you.

PISCES(Feb. 20-Mar. 20)

More than professional matters or your social relations, domestic matters will gain your attention. You may be particularly concerned with your mother’s health and find it necessary to get her examined medically. You may feel you have already delayed on the issue and no more time should be wasted. You will be sincere in your efforts.

Disclaimer: The predictions are indicative only.