House of cards a twist?

With an approaching release date, rumour mills are already churning out.

By Author   |   Published: 25th Nov 2016   8:46 pm Updated: 26th Nov 2016   2:35 pm
Netflix Series Kevin Spacey
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2016 has been a wonderful year for cinema lovers. From movies to television series, new flavours were in plenty. 2017 is just around the corner and cinema mongers are sitting at the edge of their seats, waiting for more. The new installments of Pirates of the Caribbean, Guardians of the Galaxy, Spiderman, Wonder woman, Fast 8 and many more are lined up for the release. But more than the movies, this year the web series generated an incredibly vast viewership across the globe, thanks to Netflix.

One such much-awaited Netflix series coming out with its fifth season is the House of Cards, an American political drama created by Beau Willimon, based on the best-selling House of Cards trilogy by Michael Dobbs.

The drama, set in the present day Washington, tells us the story of Frank Underwood played by Kavin Spacey, who is a Democrat aiming for the bigger after being appointed as the Secretary of State. The series has a full dose of themes like ruthless pragmatism, power and manipulation.

As the time for the release of the new season is fast approaching, rumor mills have already started churning out various twists. Popular among them is the step down of the lead character Willimon as a show runner and the entry of a new character which will be Willimon’s rival. It is also suspected that the new rival character is inspired by the US-President elect Donald Trump, and that the US presidency will be won by a character inspired by Hillary Clinton.

To find out how much of this will turn out true, we need to wait for 2017 to unveil the new season.