How a GES invite was seen as spam

By   |  Published: 30th Nov 2017  5:53 pmUpdated: 30th Nov 2017  5:54 pm
Delegates arriving at the venue of the Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2017 in Hyderabad on Tuesday. Photo: PTI

Hyderabad: It was by sheer luck that Rama Kalyani Akkiraju, Distinguished Engineer, IBM, managed to be at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit here.

Rama, during a busy session at office in California, had mistook the GES invite from the White House as spam mail.

Talking at a session here, Rama said she got a second mail as well and again took it for spam and was thinking that spammers were getting really busy. She then got a call from the White House, and even then, thinking it was some kind of joke, she said “No thanks. I have just been to India and I’m not going back soon.”

That evening, she recalled, she told her husband about the ‘spam’ mails and call. It was he who told her that the GES was a major event with the Prime Minister and Ivanka Trump to attend it.

“And then I checked upon GES and that’s how I’m here now!” she said.