How bikes turn canvas at Eimor

These Hyderabadi lads are wizards with anything all things related to the two-wheeled beasts

By Author  |  Published: 13th Jun 2019  9:19 pm

These two Hyderabad based techies-turned-motorbike artists – Mrutyunjaya Dash aka MJ and Saikat Basu aka JOY – I must say, are the reason why I say “you can’t keep art away from artists”. As MJ tells us, he and Joy, both from Eastern India and working for IT firms in Hyderabad, happened to meet while they were both working on a project. And boy what a meeting it was! Looking at the extremely intricate and classy art they bring out together as “Eimor” which stands for East India Motorcycle Revolution, one can be “extremely glad they met and teamed up”.

Eimor“Both of our visions towards life and requirements were same, but unfortunately what we were looking for was not what we were getting from our jobs. We did not want to confine ourselves to those cubicles doing the same thing day in and day out knowing that our contribution is just a drop in the big ocean,” says MJ.“There was a point when I would ask myself, if I was born only to work in this IT sector, with absolutely no recognition. We wanted to do much more. We wanted to know our worth and that’s when we decided we should pursue our common interest for arts and passion for bikes,” he adds.



Big gamble

Talking about how it all started as a hobby in 2011, MJ recalls how Joy and he got their first bike to experiment on and what they learnt from the experience of their first-ever paint job. The satisfaction and the kick that it gave them both, as MJ describes, was immense; after which they worked on another and displayed the end result on social media. “The response to the picture was so good that we got people asking us if we could do the same kind of work on their bikes,” recollects MJ about how one paint job led to the genesis of Eimor.

Playing with colours


The artist-duo is so good together that they have taken the game of paint jobs on bikes to a whole new level, adding another dimension to it, something that very few would have envisioned.Giving a title to each of their works, the duo remembers each project along with the title, what bike it was done on and the owner. Naming a few of the their most memorable projects, they say that ‘Deccan Odyssey’ on a Harley Davidson, ‘Invincible’ on a Bajaj V, ‘Ikebana’ on a Triumph Thunderbird and ‘Hara’ on a Harley Davidson are on the top of their list.
That’s not all, folks! It is much more than paint jobs. The duo also modifies bikes and wow, they know their thing!

Pitambari, the 2015 model Royal Enfield Thunderbird, which got modified and got a quirky yellow job was in for a lot of praise and who knows, it could have well been an inspiration for the next gen of Thunderbirds. Johnnie, Insignia, Concord, Alura, Arsenal and Oasis – photographs of which can be found on their website – are some of their works that give serious modification goals to many.

Due Credit

From sharing unused space in a mechanic’s garage to working on additional-space next to their studio in Madhapur, Eimor has come a long way. In fact, they have now reached a stage where enthusiasts from different parts of the country come to them for modifications and paint jobs.
Their work has travelled beyond India and gone to nations like Germany, Italy and Tanzania to name a few, putting Hyderabad on the global map of automotives.

EimorHowever, all of these achievements sound tiny after one mentions EICMA – the Milan Motorcycle Shows, an annual trade show in Italy featuring motorcycles. But not for Eimor, you say EICMA they’ll say “been there, done that”. The duo’s work was displayed at the event on behalf of Hero Motocorp. Adding a few more feathers to their hat, they have also won the ‘Best Custom-made Harley’ at Indian Bike Week and bagged three awards for three different categories at the IBW Goa in 2014.

Having so much to their credit, the duo also feels that the art has to be respected more in India. They say in one voice that the customers need to respect the artist, his skill, hard work and patience and understand the dynamics of the work before bargaining just for the sake of doing it. Wanting to contribute more to the industry, they also hope that the govt recognizes the skill and potential Hyderabad, as a city, possesses in the field on automobiles. “It’ll be great to see this city grow into one of the hubs for automobiles,” says the duo.