How forgiveness helps you mentally and physically

How letting go of resentment can help with mental and physical health

By Author  |  Bhavya Burra  |  Published: 14th May 2018  10:04 pm

Each one of us has been hurt at one point of time. There are millions ways in which we hurt each other through betrayals, angry disputes or just by being inconsiderate. Whatever the case, learning to forgive the person who has hurt us is difficult. Forgiving is commonly misunderstood as condoning the mistakes. Rather, it is eliminating the negative emotions by remembering the compassion and love you still have for the person and putting your ego aside. Here are reasons why it is the best course of action for the well-being of both parties:

Good for your heart, literally

Several studies have proven that forgiveness can lower blood pressure and heart rate. It can also reportedly increase good cholesterol. One article published in IDEA Fitness Journal indicated that people who are forgiving tend to have less stress, better relationships, fewer general health problems and lower incidences of illnesses – including heart disease, stroke and cancer. A 2005 study showed that forgiveness is associated with many health measures, including better sleep and lesser fatigue.

Bid adieu to mental issues

Quality empirical research and studies have proven that by inculcating forgiving as a habit, we experience lower stress, tension, depression, anxiety, and anger. Dr. A.M Touseef, a noted consultant psychiatrist at Disha Psychiatric Care says, “When an individual is holding someone accountable and continues to harbour anger, how h/she deals with that anger is important for his/her health. He has to learn to let go and forgive.” It lets you learn that it is okay for you to forgive others and yourself leading to better self-esteem and increases the likelihood of you being kind to yourself. He further adds, “Forgiving oneself is equally important. It is not healthy to keep blaming oneself. Forgiving and forgetting always helps and is a good way to resolve lots of things.”