How to apply your foundation right

Keep these things in mind before you start with your foundation

By Author  |  Published: 7th Jan 2018  11:22 pmUpdated: 7th Jan 2018  6:07 pm

There is no makeup without proper foundation. It is one way; we all can get clean, clear and flawless skin within minutes. It gives us glowing skin that can last for all day. Foundation has also come a long way over the years; there are so many choices available in the market that definitely creates a lot of confusion. We all want to pick the best for us, but we do not how to do it. Nehaa Raj, Makeup artist and beauty blogger shares some hacks that that can come handy.

Makeup sponge

Makeup artist, Nehaa says that one can use a soft sponge or any beauty blender that is available in the market, instead of a regular brush. “This will ensure that one gets a flawless and dewy coverage that does not look made-up and fake,” she adds. She shares that brushes sometimes tend to leave lines, if one is not a pro at using them. “A sponge with pores or a beauty blender absorbs the extra product and only deposits as much as the skin needs,” she mentions.

Pick the right shade

Nehaa mentions that there is a lot of confusion when it comes to picking up the right shade of foundation. She says that when one is checking foundation, they should always swatch it on the jaw and on their hand. “The right foundation shade for your skin would be something that seamlessly seeps into your skin and does not look either too light or dark,” she adds. Nehaa stresses on the need to swatch on your jaw.

Mix oil

Nehaa says that it is advisable to mix oil with your foundation. “Nowadays, the dewy makeup look is in, so if you use just 2-3 drops of oil, you will get that nice and dewy finish,” she adds. Nehaa shares that most celebrities are sporting this look on the red carpet.

Keep your skin hydrated

“Always ensure that your skin is well hydrated before you apply your foundation,” says Nehaa. She shares that the skin can get dry and patchy after the foundation. “Hydrating, moisturising and priming your skin are very important,” she says. Nehaa suggests that a good moisturiser, day cream and night cream will ensure that you have a flawless and glowing skin.