How to be the pillar of support

Dealing with a depressed person can be incredibly difficult, despite the best of your efforts

By Author  |  Published: 13th Jan 2018  11:24 pmUpdated: 13th Jan 2018  8:21 pm
pillar of support


Despite the dialogue having been started sometime back, depression is strangely an issue we continue to grapple with. While it is easy to empathise with people who have opened up about their struggle, we often fail to identify our near and dear ones going through the peril, unable to articulate it. Even if we identify, we might be confused how to go about it. Here are a few basic steps that will help you stand by your loved one through thick and thin.


The best you can do to help your friend is to be there to listen. It can make a huge difference and instil hope in them. It also helps you in identifying their issues and makes it easier for you to work around it.

Equip yourself

It is important to equip yourself with basic knowledge regarding depression, to help your friend effectively and efficiently. While surfing the internet can give you a general idea, do not rely on it completely. It’s best to get guidance from an expert.

Be wise

As much as it is imperative for you to be there, ensure you do not invade their private space. In the process of helping, do not turn authoritative and dictate things. Be wise and smart in deciding things for them. Encourage them instead of imposing.

Tend to yourself

Dealing with a depressed person can be incredibly difficult, despite the best of your efforts. Hence, keeping yourself positive is crucial. Remember that depression can be contagious. The more you interact with them, some of their despondence is bound to rub off on you as well. Hence, it is very important to tend to yourself as much as you tend to your friend.