How to extend your tyres’ life

These tips would help keep them in shape and functioning properly

By   |  Published: 6th Jun 2019  10:37 pm

So, you finally got yourself the title of ‘great driver’. Your traffic sense is on point, you excel at parallel parking, and, above all, you love being that trusted person behind the wheel. But, how good are you when it comes to the maintenance part? And, while we at it, how long has it been since you last checked for tyre pressure?

Tyre pressure

Tyres lose a little bit of air every month and this would happen more in cold weather. So, do not depend on your mechanic to check the tyre pressure. Make sure you check the pressure at least once in a month because, according to the statistics, leading cause of tyre-related crashes is inflated tyres. Also, tyres are expensive, but if the regular check-ups are taken seriously, you can actually extend the lifetime of a tyre.

Regular check-ups

Regular check-ups are to be done not only for the tyre pressure but also for the overall health of the tyre. While you are checking for pressure or washing the car, just do a quick physical inspection of the tyre. Watch out for the cracks, bulges, and the things that may have punctured the tyre. According to the inspection, take a call on whether you will have to replace the tyre or not.

Do not overload

In case, you have read the car guide, you will find a point where there is information about how much weight your vehicle can handle safely. Overloading your car can also damage the tire function; so, make sure you never shove too much into your car.

Replace in time

Do not wait for your tyres to scream for a replacement. Replace the tyres in time. Driving around with the same tyres which are all due for a replacement will put you and your family in danger. Yes, buying tyres does burn your pockets, but the replacement is something you can’t overlook as a responsible car owner.