How to get rid of dark circles

High-stress levels increase the levels of cortisol in our body which also lead to dullness and wrinkles.

By Author  |  Published: 2nd Jun 2020  3:41 pm
Home remedies

Lack of sleep is the main reason behind getting dark circles. But, it is not the only cause. Looking at the screen constantly for long duration results in tired, itchy and dry eyes; rubbing the eyes can lead to darkening of the under eye skin.

Also, High-energy visible (HEV) light or blue light released from these devices not only disrupt our circadian rhythm but also generate free radicles responsible for pigmentation, fine lines and premature ageing, points out Dr Veenu Jindal, MD, Dermatologist.

High-stress levels increase the levels of cortisol in our body which also lead to dullness and wrinkles. An unbalanced diet as well as less water consumption also increases the appearance of dark circles, she adds. Dr Jindal shares quick home remedies that can help get rid of dark circles.

Use of a cold jade roller to massage – Under the eyes in an outward direction. This helps in lymphatic drainage of the fluid collected underneath.

Cucumber slices or grated potatoes – Cucumber is rich in antioxidants along with Vitamin C and K. Vitamin C is known for skin brightening benefits and also has cooling effects. Potato reduces blemishes and works wonders in removing dark circles.

Cotton balls dipped in cold rose water – When kept around the eyes for 10 minutes every day, they hydrate the skin and make it look healthy.

For dry skin

Almond oil or a Vitamin E capsule can be used to give a gentle massage to moisturise and replenish the skin.

Moisturising twice in a day and applying appropriate under eye creams or serums also help a lot. Sunscreen is a must, even when at home as it protects the sensitive under eye skin from photo damage manifesting as pigmentation and fine lines.

DIY face mask: A mask made of 2 tsp turmeric, 1 tsp raw milk and ½ a tsp of lemon is a great way to gain the lustre back.Turmeric is an excellent antiseptic with healing properties, milk is a gentle moisturiser and lemon is rich in Vitamin C with a brightening and cooling effect.

The mask should be kept for half an hour and then rinsed with lukewarm water.
It can be applied for 2-3 times in a week for maximum benefits.