How to make your ‘Me Time’ awesome

Having to spend a day all by yourself doesn’t have to be a boring affair

By   |  Published: 14th May 2019  8:13 pm

There will be days when you just want to stay away from all the civilisation. Those days, you wouldn’t want to make an effort to pick up a conversation with anybody. While craving for that me-time is normal enough, you don’t want to regret the decision.

So, here a few tips to make your alone time awesome.

No phone zone

First things first, put your phone on airplane mode. Because, what’s the point in spending that me-time scrolling through cat videos! Just stay away from your phone and indulge in something else that brings you absolute joy. No question asked, no answers given, this is the day you do anything and everything you feel like doing. Period.


It’s a busy life and your reading habit might have taken a back seat. But, that doesn’t mean you don’t enjoy books anymore. Just pick up your favourite book, if not a new book; talk to your favourite characters, relive the moments that you have rejoiced in the past.


Cleaning is therapy. Just play some music, pick up the broom, and get ready for a crazy alone time. Dust all those journals that have gathered dust and leisurely skim through the pages, try all that jewellery that you totally forgot about, and get to the wardrobe at the end, because you have got to save the best till the end.

Horror effect

What’s me-time without watching a mad, horror film which chills you to the bone. Once the other chores for the day are taken care of, just sit down with a bucket of popcorn, stream the scariest movie available on Netflix/HotStar and spend the next three hours and hours after that in the moments of terror. You see, alone time is the swell time!