How to organise an effective fashion show

A few guidelines for the budding designers to arrange a good fashion show.

By Author  |  Published: 12th Jan 2018  11:24 pmUpdated: 12th Jan 2018  9:02 pm

A lot has been said about what to wear and what trends to follow in fashion but many aren’t aware of what happens at the designer’s end. Apart from being creative and original in their designs, they also have to know how to present their latest collection to the market.

Whether it is exhibitions or an exclusive fashion show, the designers have to be on the point to ensure they create the right ambiance to influence their buyers. A few guidelines for the budding designers to arrange a good fashion show.

* Create a theme that fits perfectly with your clothes. For example, Parisian fashion is chic and bold. Right from the invites to the backdrop, sticking to a particular theme helps surface the holistic idea of the collection.

* Choose a venue that allows the designers to be creative in setting the perfect ramp, lighting and music. A good soundtrack in the background elevates the mood.

* Choreography is of utmost importance. Which outfit will get those few extra turns for the audience to be mesmerised? How dramatic will the showstopper’s entry be? These are some of the questions that will be answered by a good fashion choreographer.

* Choosing the right set of models and showstopper sets the tone about who is representing your brand. A serious actor would definitely endorse a handloom or cruelty-free clothing and will create the right impact on the minds of the people.