Hyderabad-based T-Hub helps startups go global

By   |  Business Bureau  |  Published: 23rd Jun 2017  11:26 pm
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Hyderabad: With an aim of putting Indian startups on the global landscape, Hyderabad-based T-Hub is working with potential investors, clients and enterprises through three international conferences –Get in the Ring (GITR), CUBE Tech Fair (Berlin, Germany) and TiEcon (California, US).

The GITR which was organised earlier this year saw T-Hub incubated startup AnyTimeLoan to qualify for the conference in Singapore. The company uses data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics to offer instant loans by connecting borrowers with lenders.
Hosted by Get in the Ring foundation that works with leaders of entrepreneurship ecosystems in more than 100 countries, it aids startups in creating the right noise to attract the right opportunities to start, grow, scale up and make impact globally.

Two more T-Hub startups StaTwig and Ayasta Technologies participated in the CUBE Tech Fair in Berlin earlier this month. While StaTwig specialises in integrating technology into cold-chain supply system and Ayasta is working on creating a digital clone of the electrical grid inside buildings, facilities and homes.

As part of the TiEcon 2017, eight startups from T-Hub participated that include Ayasta Technologies, Authbase, Hug Innovations, Imaginate, Nanospan, Nebulae, Onward Health and StaTwig. TiE Silicon Valley along with T-Hub and Uber had launched T-Bridge, a program to connect Indian startups with global market opportunities, and help bring global startups to India.