Hyderabad-based V Adept to drive innovation in India

Hyderabad-based firm launches online platform for scientists, researchers and corporates to collaborate

By Author  |  Published: 7th Dec 2018  12:15 amUpdated: 6th Dec 2018  7:51 pm
V Adept Energy (VAE)
The company has supported 948 research projects and 518 researchers since 2009.

Hyderabad: The Global Innovation Index ranks India as the 57th most innovative nation in 2018 among 126 economies. The country has been improving steadily from its 81st position in 2015. However, other countries are way ahead. China improved its ranking from 22 in 2017 to 17 this year.

Since 2011, Switzerland has been ranked at the top. This year, Netherlands took the second place while Sweden is third. Realising the need to address gaps in innovation in India and help achieve commercialisation, Hyderabad-based V Adept Energy (VAE) has created a platform to connect scientists and industry.

The company which has been in operation since 2009 encouraging inventions has so far supported 948 research projects, 8,750 graduates and 518 researchers in India to help them develop prototypes from ideation stage, furthering their inventions.

Vishal Kandukuri, founder, V Adept Energy, says, “During the course of time I have witnessed that the researchers and scientists in our country are facing major issues such as lack of recognition for their work, lack of connect, lack of appropriate support, sponsorships and funding for their research pursuits and inventions. They had been struggling to transform their ideas into patents and research papers. Research is not adequately encouraged in academic institutions. There are also issues such as lack of adequate scientific training. There is a need to improve in the areas of intellectual property laws, export subsidies for innovative products.”

Global access
VAE has launched ‘Know Your Scientist’, an online platform to support and help Indian scientists, researchers, academicians, students, inventors, doctors and science-based entrepreneurs. The platform in support with the Indian Association of Researchers and Scientists (IARST) will support researchers and scientists to attain global recognition, presence and support (financial and scientific/technical) for their research activity.

“Our aim is to make India a scientifically advanced nation, enable technology advancements, invent and develop new cutting-edge technologies, provide open and free access to scientific literature, knowledge and research. Our online platform will help in enabling networking among the inventor community. It can hold two million users with its current system capabilities,” he informed.

A team of software experts, scientists, researchers and volunteers collaboratively worked in development of this application. VAE anticipates that the platform will help at least 50,000 active scientists, 2,00,000 active researchers, over 20,00,000 academicians along with millions of students every year, across India. Corporates can actively engage with scientists and researchers working on multiple inventions and innovations across verticals.

He says, “Market opportunity through our platform is estimated to be about Rs 800 crores. The platform which will cater to over 37 unique user types has already received profiles and research details of about 10,000 members with the help of IARST.”

Kandukuri adds, “Many people speculate that technology gets better every year automatically, but in reality it doesn’t. Technology improves only through intervention. Disruptive technologies are not developed overnight but over the years. Research is the force behind everything we do, be it food we eat, houses we buy, cars we drive, medicines we take, phones we use or power we consume.”