Hyderabad: Floating island released into Neknampur lake

By   |  Published: 23rd Oct 2017  10:11 pmUpdated: 23rd Oct 2017  10:19 pm

Hyderabad: In yet another attempt to save the Neknampur lake from harmful chemicals and incoming sewage, Dhruvansh, an NGO working for conservation of lakes, has released a new artificial floating island in the lake here on Monday. The decision to release a new floating island, said to be based on an effective, low-cost technology to improve water quality by absorbing harmful nutrients and chemicals from waste, was taken after the successful functioning of the two similar islands released earlier in the lake.

“We have been monitoring the functioning of the existing floating islands that were released in the lake earlier this year. The decision to release a new one was taken after observing that it is a low-cost, low-tech approach to filter out sewage from the water body,” Madhulika Choudary of Dhruvansh said. These islands have thermocol on four sides with plastic bottles attached to them to ensure that they keep floating. A plastic mesh is attached to the island in the centre and a gunny bag is placed on the top followed by a layer of soil in which about 20 aquatic plants that are known to absorb pollutants are planted.

“Once these islands are allowed to float in the lake, the plants will grow and their roots will reach into the water, absorbing pollutants like phosphates and nitrates which get into lake due to illegal dumping of sewage,” she said. About 20 species of nutrient-absorbing plants such as lemon grass, fountain grass, three different varieties of Lilly, Khus and few other flowering plants have been planted on the island, which is larger than the existing islands. Apart from the 20 species of plants, saplings of brinjal, tomato and capsicum too have been included this time, Madhulika said.