Hyderabad forays into fashion and how!

The time has come to stop fashion shaming the city and its people.

By Author  |  Published: 29th May 2017  11:52 pmUpdated: 30th May 2017  12:03 am

When you are in Hyderabad, you know there’s so much to look forward to. There’s a bewitching energy the city radiates and welcomes you with. It’s fast developing and every day you see changes around. No doubt, the city has slowly risen to be a strong contender for other dynamic cities in India.

But, when we talk about the fashion scene, which is an integral part of our lifestyle, most Hyderabadis may want to cringe. We have seen and heard people talking about the absence of fashion culture here. Not only that, most of us would have complained about how expensive and dull the collections are in most stores.

A few may also say that Hyderabad is yet to be exposed to the ever-changing industry. But, that’s something passé, don’t you think?

What Designers & Fashion Enthusiasts Think?

Fashion designer Architha Narayanam says, “Year by year, I have seen the city embracing and experimenting with different fashion trends. Now, I feel Hyderabad’s fashion scene has levelled up.” She recollects how fashion in Hyderabad was limited to just kurtis, jeans and T-shirts earlier.

On the other hand, Sayendri Panchadhyayi from Kolkata, a fashion blogger and a student of UoH, says, “When you think of fashion as a whole, I still feel Hyderabad needs more exposure and experimentation.” But then, she adds that she being an accessories loyalist, she’s always in for a treat, as the city hosts multiple outlets that never fail to impress her.

Reasons Galore

The city has now opened doors to many international leading fashion brands; H&M is one of the latest additions to the fashion fraternity. It’s only fair to say that along with the city’s development of infrastructure and society, fashion has also evolved. But, is it only because of these brands that we are fashion forward now?

Sayendri thinks it’s partly because of the brands, making fashion more accessible to citizen here. She says, “When it comes to brands, Hyderabad is definitely coming of age. Zara, Mac, Promod, Forever21 and H&M are leading brands that are a must-have in every fashionista’s wardrobe.”

“I would want the street shopping scene in Hyderabad to upgrade as fashionable stuff lands here faster and is cheaper too,” she adds.

Similarly, Archita also says, “Introducing more brands could be one part of it, but I feel it has more to do with people becoming more conscious about what they wear and how they present themselves.”  She also says that online shopping is booming and that’s also one major reason for the rapid change.

Upcoming Designers

Prabodh Jyoti, a city-based model thinks, “Being a Hyderabadi, I have seen the transition and the credit also goes to upcoming designers and models, other than the brands.” And with internationally-renowned bespoke Indian brands like Bangalore-based Tailorman opening its doors to fashion-conscious Hyderabadi men, the fashion scene is definitely improving Fashion is an art and a way of expression, that enhances our life too. It’s a sigh of relief to be aware that the city is gearing up to be its best in every sphere. So, allow this art to sync into your life and make the best of what is offered. Stay stylish, stay you!