Hyderabad: IKEA celebrates Better Sleep Festival

s part of the festival, IKEA brought in Dr. Rama Devi, sleep expert, Indian society of sleep research to share key insights and expertise to help people sleep like a log.

By Author  |  Published: 20th Sep 2019  9:52 pm
Experts recommend adults should have quality sleep for at least seven to nine hours every day. — Photo: Anand Dharmana

Hyderabad: Leading multi-channel home furnishings retailer IKEA has celebrated the Better Sleep Festival at its Hyderabad store to encourage people to value their sleeping life as much as their waking life by helping people to sleep better. As part of the festival, IKEA brought in Dr. Rama Devi, sleep expert, Indian society of sleep research to share key insights and expertise to help people sleep like a log.

“Sleep is vital for both our physical and emotional well-being. Sound sleep is necessary for a healthy living. So, the first thing that you should do is to lead a well-balanced life and eat healthy food. We recommend an adult to sleep for seven to nine hours at night and even the quality of sleep is very important,” Dr. Rama Devi said.

“A lot of people suffer from insomnia or other sleep problems. These can affect energy, concentration, mood and function during the day. To address this important concern, IKEA unveils the six dimensions of a better sleep. These 6 dimensions play a significant role in the night-time sleep quality, which in turn affect a person’s energy, health and happiness the following day,” a communique from IKEA said.

The six dimensions, according to IKEA, are

1) Comfort (Mattresses, Pillow);

2) Light: A darker bedroom is crucial for a good night’s sleep. For example, soft mood light can help to unwind and relax before drifting off to sleep or help you to wake up slowly and naturally. Dressing the window with different layers too can easily adjust the light to your preferences and needs.

3) Temperature: Your body temperature plays an important role in how you sleep. Dressing the bed with a sheet, quilt, throw, and bedspread when it’s colder allows you to control your temperature more easily. Using lighter quilts, sheets, and blankets when it is warmer allows you to do the same.

4) Sound: Start by making your sleep environment as quiet as possible. Soft furnishing such as heavy curtains and thick carpets are isolating methods that will absorb sound and help dampen the intensity of the vibrations.

5) Air quality: Humidity is an important air quality factor to take into consideration.
The easiest way to to minimize the impact of indoor pollutants is ensuring that fresh air is circulating – a fan, AC, air purifier and some green plants make a big difference as well (especially spider plants and Aloe Vera are considered to be the best natural air purifiers).

6) Colour and furnishing: Colour is present in everyday life and has a powerful effect on our mood. The power of colour in altering our emotions also plays an important role in our sleep.

“At IKEA we have discovered the joys and importance of sound sleep a long time ago and accordingly have evolved our beds, mattresses and sleep accessories range through careful research and studying people’s life at home across markets. The festival is to remind the many people of Hyderabad to celebrate sleep, everyday.” Mia Olsson, Country Communication and Interior Manager at IKEA India said.