Hyderabad: PFA team rescues 3 animals in 2 days

By   |  Published: 19th Jun 2017  12:15 am
PFA teams helping a buffalo after it met with a road accident in Hyderabad.

Hyderabad: From saving a dog that fell into a well to rescuing a cat whose intestines were out after an injury, the People for Animals (PFA) teams rescued three animals in the last two days.

The PFA representative, Rajan told Telangana Today that their rescue team received a complaint about a buffalo that was injured in a road accident on Friday, a dog that fell into a well that was covered with an asbestos sheet on Saturday and a cat that was battling for life after a serious injury.

In the first incident, the volunteers of PFA rescued the buffalo, which was in distress after hit by a vehicle at Narsingi.

“A vulnerable animal was in need of help and it’s disturbing that we received a call almost three days after the road accident happened,” he said. On further examination by the veterinarian at the Blue Cross rescue center where the buffalo was taken, it was revealed that the impact of the crash fractured one of the animal’s hind legs.

In the second incident, the persistent cries coming from a nearby well at Safilguda caught the interest of the locals passing by the area.

The dog which fell into a hole covered with Asbestos sheet PFAOn investigating, one of them found a dog that fell into a well which was covered with an asbestos sheet and informed PFA for help.

“When our team reached the spot, they saw that the dog fell in an empty well along with the asbestos sheet which was used to cover it. A couple of them immediately climbed down and rescued the dog,” Rajan said.

In another incident on Saturday, PFA rescued a cat from Government Fever Hospital after it suffered a serious injury. “The stomach of the cat was cut open due to the injury and entire intestine was out. No one around knew what caused the injury,” Rajan said. The team managed to take the cat to Animal Care Center at Banjara Hills.